Thursday, July 12, 2012

A dear friend is getting married !!!

Hello folks,

How are you guys ???

I am too excited as the weekend to look forward to is finally here : )

My dear friend and her man (whom also happens to be my dear friend) are getting married and i am so happy about it. 

Its really nice when you watch a relationship grow till it becomes a marriage, which is the case with these wonderful friends of mine.  

I thought up this little memory lane board of our times together.... i am so happy for both of them and wish them all i'd ever wish myself when im getting married.

I intend to dance my socks off this weekend, expect pictures of my gorge dress (i hope lol) and fun times with lovely people.

Meanwhile, have u listened to Frank Ocean's nu album ??? Homegirl has channel orange on replay !!!

Until later, have a fab day ahead

its Ms Modish,


  1. Your dress was Gorge!! Always on point Ms Modish. And I was watching a video i recorded on my camera yesterday; you sure did dance your socks off.:-). You need to see it, i will find a way of sending you that video. Expect some more pictures of that dress...coming soon! Most of all, thanks for being there all weekend. Really appreciate it.
    May your own day be graced by many lovely friends and family, By God's grace..
    Much Love.xx

    1. Aww, thanks Bimpe !!! i enjoyed every second of the you guys!!! Hope to see you soon and a big Amen to your prayers. Say hello to Korede. xx

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