Friday, April 20, 2012

The Fierce Giveaway Starts today YaaaaaY !!!

Hello Fierce Fam,

Its exciting for me to announce that the first ever fierce giveaway is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without saying too much, view the fliers below!

The fierce giveaway gives 1 Guy and 1 Girl a chance to win fab pieces just by joining this site!

Here are three steps on how to enter?

1. Follow this blog by clicking on the "join this site" button on the right hand of the page or click HERE

2. For additional entries, join the blog by clicking HERE OR HERE

3. Leave a comment below this post, stating how you have joined the blog/followed me AND leave your
    email address OR details on how i can contact you below

Giveaway lasts from Friday 20th April to Friday 4th May, 2012. 

For any enquiries, please contact me on

When the giveaway closes, the winners will be randomly picked, i wish everyone all of the best !!!

Flier Credits: Qbcool and Jay.....Heart you both : )


  1. Hey Ms. Modish, you can reach me at

  2. hey babes. Nice one,you are doing a great job.

  3. Hi Ms Modish,can't wait to get some giveaway.

  4. Hey Ms Modish, so happy am finally on this blog. i am seriously looking forward to the fierce giveaway, ready to stalk you here yupeeeee, nice one luv..

  5. Hi Ms Modish. Na good job u dey do o. Thumbs up o jare.