Thursday, March 14, 2013

Progress Alert !!!

Hello Guys!!!

How have you been??? Feels like forever since i have been here but I won't apologize as its been for a good cause. Things have been really busy, both work and business wise. My thinking cap has been steadily on week after week.

Anyhoo, the blog's domain name has been changed to !!! Going forward, all content and more will be on there so do visit : )  Also,like our official facebook page and follow us on twitter for more personal stuff because we are taking over the world, one step at a time lol!

I am going to have to let Google Friend Connect go as the new site is not hosted on blogger so the conduits i have mentioned above will suffice in keeping my old friends and making new ones on the web. You can also follow msmodish on, bloglovin, instagram and google plus, i will be more than happy to see and hear from you on any of these platforms.

The new site is user friendly, looks fun and all so i bet you will enjoy it....see you there!!!

its Ms Modish,

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