Friday, September 07, 2012

Teal et Tangerine

Hello Lovelies,

Teal and Tangerine are some of my best contemporary colors and the reason is not far-fetched. They are bold, fun and show stopping. As a matter of fact, i picked both for a dear friend's wedding coming up real soon and honestly cannot wait to see results.

Color blocking on the other hand.... i am not a big fan of, largely because its over-used. I mean everyone loves the trend, which is okay but on such occassions.... i usually pass (corky much and i know lol )

Anyways i had a go at it yesterday to work as thursdays are semi casual days and i was going off in the evening to another meeting so i needed something comfy. Here's what i came up with

I was bored with my nails last weekend, thought to paint them different colors... it works !


Neckpiece- Topshop (old)

Teal shoes- Next (Runway)

Instagramed : )

This weekend will be busy, need to prepare myself and the boo for a dear friend's wedding. Also meeting up with my friend who came to town briefly, with her husband and there may be pictures : )

Whatever you do..... do stay stylish

its Ms Modish,


  1. maybe you like my style and want to follow me
    lots of kisses

  2. follow me and id follow back... id have a look at your blog as well xx

  3. You look gorge and I love your top, amazing color blocking :)