Friday, November 30, 2012

Sunday Style!

Hey hunnies,

How's life been treating y'all!

Colors have been in season and i have been loving it : )

I spotted this turquoise throw on from asos to church last sunday and as usual, i totally forgot about pictures until i got back home after service. I can be a really lazy blogger sha : (

Anyhoo, i had random pictures taken and thought to share.... : )

Throw on - asos
black skirt- marks&spencer
Belt and tank - ms selfridge
Heels- Kiss&Tell
Purse- Next
Let me leave you with this quote i saw on instagram yesterday that struck me "while you wait for God to open a new door, praise him in the hallway"

Have a fashionable one!

Its Ms Modish,


  1. Loving the pop of blue , it goes really good with the grey , You look GREAT!!